Comparative Uechi-ryu

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Comparative Uechi-ryu

Postby paul giella » Sun Apr 02, 2000 1:47 pm

Let me share an idea I habve been tossing around with an archival type "colletors' item", and a tool for advanced study, we propose to work on a videotape that simply shows several of the top ranked senseis performing the "big three" kata. We all seem to have accepted the reality that there is not, and should not be, only one "right way" to express the principles of Uechi-ryu. Each of the top teachers manifests slightly different emphases. We could all profit by a comparative viewing. I would propose that we begin to use this term - comparative uechi-ryu - because it formalizes or legitimizes the notion that we have evolved broadly and now comprise a large and varied domain of knowledge. I think we are well past the era when it was thought (or even hoped) that there could be one "best" or "perfect" master whom the rest of us should simply seek to emulate. I propose to approach all of the NAC eigth and ninth dans (Mattson, Canna, Rabesa, Bethoney,Maloney, Durkin, Huff(imminently)) as well as the affiliated group chiefs (W. Mattson, Thompson, etc.) and maybe even some of the top Okinawans (through the appropriate intermediaries)to see whether they would be interested in being taped for such a documentary. A biographical statement as well as a voice-over discussion of their ideas about kata emphasis would serve to direct the viewers attention to the main points they would like to make. I recognize that such a project is very ambitious. There are likely to be political stumbling blocks, perhaps issues around proprietary interests, that need to be worked out. Some may chose not to participate. I would hope there aren't hurt feelings if someone is left out, but knowing human nature to be what it is we would have to be prepared for this. Sheer logistics will necessitate our limiting the number of demonstrators; figuring ten minute segments each for the kata and brief interview we are talking about a rather lengthy tape (maybe 90 minutes). Knowing myself, including the amount of time and energy I have and my potential for being turned off if this becomes an ego contest, I can only say at this point that I plan to do some preliminary exploration of interest and see whether it makes sense to proceed to more specific planning. I would like to solicit feedback and thoughts about this idea from our general membership.
paul giella
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Comparative Uechi-ryu

Postby Scott Danziger » Sun Apr 02, 2000 2:41 pm

I think this is a great idea. Especially with an introduction explaining what the purpose of the tape is and the comparisons are all about to defuse any kind of political consequence.

Also, I think you should post this on Bill Glasheens forum as well to reach an even larger audience there.

Also, you would probably be able to get at least 1/2 to 3/4 the people you need at Summer Camp alone to help save a lot of time, $$, and travel.

Good luck!
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Comparative Uechi-ryu

Postby Jake Steinmann » Sun Apr 02, 2000 9:20 pm

It sounds like a great idea to me. It might be particularly useful for newer students, or those like me, who are training berefit of any Sensei, to have not just one, but multiple people to compare themselves to.
It also would serve as an awesome example that there isn't always one right way to do something.

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Comparative Uechi-ryu

Postby david » Sun Apr 02, 2000 9:36 pm

I hope this gets done. I think modern technology allows us to preserve a stage of Uechi-ryu development in way that would have been hard to do in the past.

Hope all the major players are willing. If not we'll have to settle with those who care to.

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Comparative Uechi-ryu

Postby gmattson » Mon Apr 03, 2000 12:12 am

I have most of the greats on film already, performing their kata at different points in their careers. I have quite a collection, taken at the Summer Camps since 1983!

Perhaps we can put together a memorable video, with the proceeds going into a fund for bringing Okinawan teachers in for future Summer Camps!

Someone will have to get non-Okinawan teachers to submit films to make it truly memorable. Any ideas???

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Comparative Uechi-ryu

Postby SEAN C » Mon Apr 03, 2000 4:41 am

I for one, would spend my last dollar on such a tape! Please make it happen!

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Comparative Uechi-ryu

Postby paul giella » Tue Apr 04, 2000 11:24 pm

Just what I was thinking... maybe as a voice-over?
paul giella
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Comparative Uechi-ryu

Postby Kerry Jolly » Wed Apr 05, 2000 6:20 am

I think you have a great idea there. Save the present for the furture. Note maybe running a slow motion version also. Following each Kata at normal speed.
Mr. Morgan
Kerry Jolly
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Comparative Uechi-ryu

Postby BILLY B » Thu Apr 06, 2000 5:36 am

I would love to see this happen!
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Comparative Uechi-ryu

Postby gjkhoury » Thu Apr 06, 2000 5:56 am

Great idea, Paul!

You have my full support should you need it!

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Comparative Uechi-ryu

Postby Allen M. » Fri Apr 07, 2000 10:39 am

You are definitly laying solid groundwork for future generations of Uechika, Paul. I commend on the start of your journey.

Allen, Home: mirror:
Allen M.

Comparative Uechi-ryu

Postby gmattson » Sun Sep 08, 2002 11:26 pm

This is one of approx. 50 topics on this forum. By responding, in this manner, I bring the topic to the "active" window.


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Comparative Uechi-ryu

Postby krymrgn » Fri Sep 13, 2002 1:42 pm

Mr Mattson;

How kind of you- thank you! Was this tape ever completed? I see my husband put his two cents worth in there- funny- cracked me up to see my maiden name in there and I'm thinking.... Did I write that? Until I saw he had LMAO... How fun that was!

This was a great idea- Might consider some "greats" hiding out in the white mountians of NH though too! smiling- whether their rank is current or not- might offer some cool comparitives you know?

Thanks for thinking of me here-

Kerry MORGAN now! LOL
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Comparative Uechi-ryu

Postby Jay Sal » Fri Sep 13, 2002 2:50 pm

Hi Paul:

Great idea ...

I would even buy it ... And we all know how cheap I am .. Bobby Campbell once told me, I was so tight with a buck, I squeak when I walk Image

Jay Sal..
Jay Sal

Comparative Uechi-ryu

Postby Dana Sheets » Fri Sep 13, 2002 7:11 pm

So in the modern age of digital video cameras this should be pretty easy.

First thing to do is to catalog existing footage.

GEM's seems to have a bunch, and I'd guess other folks have some too.

So somebody should start a spreadsheet of all the names of people to be in the video going one direction and all the things they could do in the video going the other direction.
Kata Regular Speed
Kata Slow Motion
Pre-Arranged Sparring
Free Sparring
Other 1
Other 2
Other 3

Then people can email to George what they've got and George and cross it with what he's got and come up with a list of what's needed.

Then at the next camp you get somebody to bring a couple lights, a tripod & a digitial video camera and go to town.

Once you have the list of all the footage you've got you can get a handle on how much it will cost you to put together the final version.

Stuff is probably on several different formats:
film (8mm & 16mm)
video (3/4", 1/2") VHS, Betacam SP (NTSC and/or PAL)

So you price the different editing options and how to get stuff onto the editing platform you've chosen.

Really - this kind of thing is really well suited to ending up on DVD - so that each "master" could have their own chapter and you could jump around with ease.

Anybody got a friend at the Smithsonian? Belive it or not this could probably qualify as anthropology - documenting the roots and history of Uechi-ryu.

Also - there's no reason to limit yourself to the idea of one tape. This could easily be a series of several programs. Espeically since it is being well presented as an effort to preserve and document.

just some ideas.

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