Adult Role Models

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Adult Role Models

Postby seisansister » Sat Jun 11, 2005 5:59 pm

Heya! :D I have a question to ask the kombat kids of uech-ryu. 8)

Do you have any karate role models? Are they a sensei or an older student that helps teach a class?

The parent of a younger girl that goes to my karate dojo once said I was a great role model for the kids because I work hard and love teaching kids. Now I'd like to hear what u kids have to say! :wink:

Here's what qualities I think a role model ought to have to be considered a good role model:
1. They are very honest and never lie unless they have to.
2. They don't do bad things that they could get in trouble
3. They always respect others.
4. They are always willing to help others.
5. They have hopes and dreams for their future.. and
maybe yours too!

Can u think of any qualities that could be added to this list? You can also have more than one role model.. you don't only need one. You could have one for everything you do! For instance, when I'm in dance class my role model in my dance teacher. But when I'm practicing karate, my role model could be my sensei or Shushiwa or anyone else that sets a good example for others that they can learn from. Make sure you let me know what u think! :usa

Hope you enjoy the nice weather! ttyl

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