A Halloween poem, a bb test, and a guest instructor!! :)

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A Halloween poem, a bb test, and a guest instructor!! :)

Postby seisansister » Mon Oct 24, 2005 12:39 am

:D Hey everybody, seisansister here. First off.. I was told to post this poem on here that i sent in for a contest that we had to enter for english. let me know what you think of it! 8)

Now I don’t have much time to talk,
we are munching as we walk.
tricking, treating, scaring friends,
well I hope this night just never ends!
Treats and tricks galore,
well can I have some more?
cats and bats found through the night,
I must say they give me quite a fright!
Both screams and laughter fill the air,
costumed children found everywhere!
Pumpkins faces lit up with light,
they smile at me and it's quite a sight!
We run through leaves of gold and red,
quickly running cuz it's almost time for bed!
Why its halloween!!

Okay.. now onto my second topic for this post :roll: I went to a black belt pre-test a few weekends ago. It was cool to watch and compare how three people do uechi differently due to different schools. I thought that the katas were really good, and so was the bunkai (however u spell that!) but the judges didnt like the bunkai for some reason and said that they'd all fail if it was a real bb test. 8O Heres a question.. one of the judges said that there should be NO bend in the leg when doing the seisan elbow.. when you go down into a deep stance and do a forward elbow.. and i think there should be a slight bend so that nobody sweeps your leg and you can jump back up. Tell me what you think about this move.. :wink:

Now my third topic.. we had a guest instructor at my dojo saturday and it was cool to see how you can learn from other dojos because everybody does the moves differently. I learned lots of new moves and drills, and we taught her how to play roundhouse kick baseball. It was a lot of fun. 8) I think ppl practicing karate should definitely move around dojos and pop into different ones to visit every once in a while so you can see how other dojos do things and maybe even mix some new stuff into your own form. :lol: and then you get even better! haha

Happy Halloween!!

:B-fly: Seisansister

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Postby gmattson » Mon Oct 24, 2005 12:45 am

Guess I would have failed that BB test "sister". :)
"Do or do not. there is no try!"
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