Karate Holiday Gift Ideas :) For us.. oh and sensei!! hehe

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Karate Holiday Gift Ideas :) For us.. oh and sensei!! hehe

Postby seisansister » Thu Dec 01, 2005 2:16 am

Here are some holiday karate gifts.. just thinking bout the holidays and I've always got something karate related on my list :)

Nunchucks (my personal favorite!)
Karate Shirts
Karate bags
Karate Headbands
A new uniform (sounds good to me.. hehe)

Things to buy sensei..


anything they could put in the dojo
cookies or any other baked goods (sensei's gotta have a sweet tooth!! hahaha)
a cute build-a-bear with a karate uniform (very cute :) i gotta say that my sensei wud love this....)
giftcards (always a good idea.. home depot?)
a card is always nice.

Well happy holidays everybody, hope everyone had a good thanksgiving and has a good holiday season. I persoanally cannot wait for Christmas this year! :)

Happy Holidays!!!!!!
:B-fly: Seisansister

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