"Don't Kill The Messenger"

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"Don't Kill The Messenger"

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Mon May 22, 2006 5:26 pm

Well, even though this is the Western Martial Arts and History forum, since met5hodology and tactics have been passed back and forth for centuries, this gives me quite a but of latitude.

As an aside, with the flooding up here and the Promotional Yesterday, I had a few few eqiupment problems and reduced time to contribute.

I think perhaps if I said the word "Kwaresm" most would (justifiably ) think was a made up word for a spin off of "tourgasm" or some such.

In Fact it was an Islamic kingdom of rather vast extent which encompassed parts of what are now Afganistan, Usbekistan, Iran and Turmentenistan.

This thread is based on the excellent article in Military History Magazine called The Wrath of the Khan.

I recommend this magazine highly.

In point of fact, I had seen many references to "Kharesm" in various books and novels written before much historical knowledge now clarified or unearthed was not available.

Christians in "Outremer" (the Holy Land") heard the word in the early 13th century and took it to mean a distant danger developing in the East.

In 1215 relatjons between Temujin (The Great Khan) and Ala ad-din Muhammed became strained to say the least.

It is postulated in the article the Temujin was not, at that time, interestesed in a conquest of the Kwarezm as his interests lay elsewhere.

He was still subduing parts of China and did not want an interruption in the trade of the "Great Silk Road".

I am a bit sanguine about this theory. At the very least, these interest would have bought the Khawezm some time, but at no time did Temujin or his successors ever loose intert in conquest.

BE that as it may, Temujin sent evoys to Ala ad-din Muhammed with the stated intention of establishing "commercial contact".

These and later envoys were murdered by Ala ad din Muhammed.

Temujin was not so interested in commerce or his subduing of the "Jurchens" to let this pass.

Also, to say that this murderous action by Ala ad din Muhammed was a "bad career move" on his part would be the mildest of understatements.

Temujin tied up his affairs further East and devoted his full attention to teaching the arrogant Alla ad din Muhammed and the Islamic world that his envoys were not to be treated in this fashion.

The make up and tactics used by the opposing armies I will post shortly, as it would make for rather a large post.

I think you already have a hint of one outcome.

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