A "Must Win" Situation

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A "Must Win" Situation

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Thu Aug 03, 2006 11:24 pm

Well, the title is intended to mirror my intense disquiet over the developments in the Mid East and In the Persian Gulf.

Andy Rooney, in passing is a cold war passe' hippie dippie funny man whose last 'rooneybuster' was about the Over blown size of our military. "we spend 400 billion and the Russians Spend only 26 Billion in defense" Welll, I cry REAL crocodile tears over that, although I would like to see some of that cash go to refurbishing our aged infrastructure, but now is not the time.

"WE have 8000 tanks" he despairss (Israel runs about 2000, and does not have to put up with the miles our tanks are driven in Iraq, about 12 times the recommended mileage. )Neither does he mention the number of obsolete and obsolescent AFV's make up a part of that number.

Oh Yeah, According to the pundits, America is a Nation that 'can fight a big war and cannot fight little ones' well. Well, guess what! Iraq IS a big war that we cannot afford to lose and we may loose because of a logistical failure, just as we did in Vietnam. 'Vietnam! A logistical failure,' you'll say, 'you're nuts JT '

Newsweek took a different track in slandering our armed force, noting the increased numbers of GI's with criminal records. Woe is us. Welllington said one thing in this regard; "A toast, gentlemen, to the scum of England"

We'll discuss both items later.

Right now this is the right war in the right place and at the right time in terms of REALPOLITIK as Bismarck would have put it. WE need Iraq's friendship, we need to democratize it, we need the bases, we need Iraqi oil., we need to be present in the strategic part of the world IN Force.

Oh my, so 'Imperial" you say.

Screw that, we gotta win or we are in DEEP TROUBLE.

The Equipment is wearing down. Moral is dropping. The Generals are slowly slipping into a defeatist pose which Bush previously pulled them out of.

No WMD. Darn. Doesn't make a bit of difference. "we shouldn't be there" (whine, snivel) maybe not for that reason, be we need to win, and Win Big.

Increase the troop committment adequately to do the job.
Put the Country on a war footing.
Rearm, recruit and motivate.

North Korea will have to be South Korea, Japan and China's problem, and THEY had better take the bit between their teeth 'cause we are gonna have our hands full.

They like to make make nice cars and stuff- stuff happens-deal with the North.
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