Armor of the IDF

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Armor of the IDF

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Thu Aug 17, 2006 5:16 pm

The Israelis have a great talent for getting the moss out out what they buy and build.

The only project they totally gave up on was their own home made multi role fighter.

They did and do manufacture and remanufacture amored fighting vehicles.

When watching film clips of the lastest 'blowup" i Noticed a paricularly beefy appearing and variously armed APC.

This vehicle is Called the "Puma" and is a rebuild based on the British CEnturion chassis. So it is slow, wide, low profiled and well armed and armored. I also watched one 'cough up' what appeared to be a 500lb FAB on a short range target.

The Israelis thinking on this, and other amored vehicles used in the North, is that speed is secondary.

Albeit the Puma is not fast enough for US service as is the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

The Israelis operate the venerable US M113 APC, and I hope no member of the IDF actually is stupid enough to ride INSIde of one ot the aluminum sided b-------ds.

However the IDF does field M113's modified to their own needs with applique' armor.

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