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Postby JOHN THURSTON » Wed Sep 13, 2006 9:50 pm

I will be trying to use this forum as a vehicle to trace the origins of western warfare.

At this moment I must, until informed otherwise, "steal Parts of the East and Mid East" as origins of the intertwined threads leading to a Western Civilization and Western Military and Martial History.

Well, many of the invasions or settlements of the West came from the East and Mideast?.

("No I do not know why the Feringhi fight better than our Sepoys" Sultan of Delhi, 1857)

What drove them? What, if anything, did the West get from them? Why did they happen?

Why was, for example, Turkey called the "sick old man of Europe" in 1853?

We have tended, as an example, to touch on Turkish history; the Seljuk Conquests, the Ottoman Empire, the 1830 rebellion of the Greeks?

What possessed, as an example, The Achaens and Dorians to move into the Grecian Peninsula and create the Mycaean civilization ?

Our History writers tend to hop from Civilization to Civilization creating a view of History based on what happened to, in and between one of two conflictiing civilizations.

Admittedly this is the shortest way to create an historical base for our own civilization.

As best I can, with a military and martial art leaning, I will try to create threads illustrating origins of some civilizations and their military and martial practices.

I am certain many, many of these practices are lost or obscured in the grey area of history and/or the severely distant past.

We have not successfully defined the Phryrric Dance, or Phryhicc beat or why, if utilized by the Romans, does it bear the Name of a Greek General.
(why not???)

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