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"Daggers or dirks" (two edged blades) are not legal in many states, including Massachussetts.

Even a Switch blade is legal if it is less than 1 1/2".

Length of the blade does not make any knife illegal.

I suppose there is some question as to whether or not these are considered 'concealed weapons" under mass law or found to be switch blades by a court at some later date. (MGLA 269 s. 10)

The law is so vague as to suggest traditional lock backs 'could be found" illegal at some later date. I expect this vould happen if one was arrested for some unrelated ccharge an the Police wished to add another charge to the list.

Under civil case law it is clear that basically all knives are dangerous weapons, so is one's shoe; to wit "a shod foot". Crazy stuff. So if you are gonna kick someone, jump out of your shoes first.

That may not apply in a self defense situation where a dangerous weapon is being used against you and you are in fear for your life and you cannot retreat.

This is probably a set of questions for AL K.. I will start peeking in on the "Martial Arts and the Law'.

Gray areas stink.

However the knives pictures on the thread "hew wave blades" are equipped with a clip so that they may be carried unconcealed.

The police have not focused on these weapons at this time.

Throwing knives are legal to own, as long as you don't sharpen both edges, but not to carry.

Massachusetts is a state that outlaws two pieces of wood tied together with a piece of rope, but they have not enforced this where "clacker sticks" ie: Nunchaku, are present in a Dojo for practice. Likewise one can practice with throwing knives.

I am not going to ask to many questions to the wrong people. I pointed out to a BATF agent that the then available Chinese 7.62X39mm rifle ammo was"armor piercing" as it had 'steel cores'and could also start fire when striking the right kind of rock near some dry tinder areas.

The reply was the ban on armor peircing applied only to hangun ammunition.

Next thing I know, no more chinese 7.62 was legal n or importable.

Of course most Chinese weapons and ammo cannot be imported for various reasons not related to state laws.

More later.

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