MGLA CH. 269 s.10

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MGLA CH. 269 s.10

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Wed Sep 27, 2006 3:31 pm

The relevant part of this section as to Knives reads as follows:

s10. whoever, except as provided by law (???) carries on his person--- any stilletto, dagger, or a device or case which enables a knife with a locking blade to be drawn at a locked position, any ballistic knife, or any knife with a detachable blade capable of being propelled by any mechanism, dirk knife (two edged blade) or a switch knife, or any knife having an automatic spring release device by which the blade is released from the handle, having a blade of over one and one half inches-------" the rest of the paragraph goes on to cover other matters and delineates penalties.

The knives in question are manually released and open after they are drawn. Also they are not technically released from the handle.

I will make inquiries.

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The problem with this

Postby gmattson » Wed Sep 27, 2006 6:05 pm

kind of definition of "blade's length", is that it is open to interpretation of the LEO who is happening to question your blade's legality.

And from discussions we have had in the legal forum, expert opinion (I believe) said anything over 1.5" is "probably" something that will get you in trouble.

One of those laws that I believe is deliberately vague... allowing a LEO to arrest someone who they feel "should be arrested" and allow another person, carrying the same blade, to receive a "have a good day" response.
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LEO interpretation

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Thu Sep 28, 2006 12:02 am

Sensei Gem:

Yes i believe you are correct in you assesment of things.

I still se no problem in the "blade length" matter except as I mentioned, but if an LEO, as you said, wishes to make life dificult, I guess you might as well 'carry' (a gun with the correct permit). this area is at least clearly defined in the minds of the local constabulary.

I have so much research to do to flesh out the wonderful oppurtunity the Forum provides that I do not wish to get to far affield from the subject.

But as a returned (thank God finally) attorney I suppose some overlap is going to occur.

Most of MGLA is available online. My hard copies were sold with my office. Westlaw discontinued their CD service of the MGLA when they began appear as free online services.

Legal forms are readily available online, although one still needs an attorney to tell you which one you need.

The law schools of my day did nothing to train one in the nuts and bolts of any field of law, except perhaps being a bit of help in Trust and Estates.

My civil procedure Professor was Hiller Zobel.

You may recall that he was the "Nanny"Judge presiding over that trial in Middlesex Superior Court.

Professor Zobel also wrote "The Boston Massacre" perhaps the definitive work on that subject. Go figure, nothing else of his has ever been published to my knowledge.

We may touch on that at some point if I can find my copy of the Book.

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