Oneida K-Bar/Bud-K Marine Fighting Knife

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Oneida K-Bar/Bud-K Marine Fighting Knife

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Fri Sep 29, 2006 2:09 am

I am a sucker for a decent blade.

The U.S. Marines, I recall, were modeled after the British Royal Marines.

However I don't think the Royal Marines have been recently deployed in more than Battalion strength.

A Marine Corps that has Peaked at over 500,000 men at times might have caused a Royal marine to shake his head, I don't know.

I read a book, long since lost, on the Royal marines in the 19th Century, During which time they appear to have fitted into the concept 'admirably'. Their discipline was based on a totally different model than that of the sailors which, although hard and harsh. was loosened a bit after the initial period of post recruitment or press gang experience. Marines were the Police of last resort for a captain who was supplied his Marines, but who had to find his sailors by any means.

The war of 1812 was, in part , caused by British press gangs unleasheashed on American Flagged ships. If an American sailor appeared in the slightest bit British he got a short ride in a long boat.

East Indiamen escorted by Royal navy ships in that time also suffered from the ravages of desperate Captain's press gangs.

Most pressed never saw home or civilian life again.

Napoleon could not understand why crews of pressed men fought so hard against his Navy.

The Royal Marines are mentioned often in C.S. Forester's "Hornblower" series which, at least, have been made into a mni series and remains available in libraries.

Hornblower's one legged First Lieutenan was named Bush. I can't recall his first name ever being mentioned.

When Horatio was summoned to the Admiralty and Appointed Commodore, they asked who he wanted for Captain of the Flagship.

A Commodore rated his own pennant and was not, technically, in command directly of the ship he was on.

Horatio states "I'll have Bush, if you please".

All that aside and changing to the stated topic I have manged to persuade myself into purchasing 2 of the Oneida US made K-Bar Marine fighting knives.

They are razor sharp. The blades and Pommels are phosphated Black.

Tthe commemorative version has an inscription "The US Marine Corps Iwo Jime Commemorative Knjfe, Remembering 60 years of service"

Naturally this version had to go to Sensei Jack as he served in that specific campaign. he is not one to amass collectibles like wanna be's such as myself, but he deeply appreciated this Presentation Grade Commerative K-bar., i think.

The standard blade is the same without the inscription. The hilt, like carbine bayonets of WWII is leather wrapped. It is a mini Bowie design.

The Bud K Fighting knife by comparison is not so hot. The blade is stainless steel. It is Chinese made. Chinese 440 stainless peels off the edge in thin blackened strips if over zealous efforts are made to sharpen it. The hilt has a nice feel and is rubber wrapped of some type.

In an apparent effort to sell (shich worked in a way) the bottom edge is serrated.

Another knife in the same class is a variation of Ruko/Mulay's standard mini Bowie. It is of Spanish manufacture. The Back Strap of this blade in this version is serrated. The hilt and pommel model a bayonet style, without the mounting slot, and of green plastic.

It is sharpened very easily but does not hold an edge well.

I have also a veritable antique hand made mini bowie by Ralph Bone. It has a 'dog biscuit' logo on the blade. The knife can be sharpened so well it it is frightening. the hilt is hardwood and the pommel Brass.

The first three knives are still obtainable. The Mulay mni Bowie first made an appearance 20 or so years ago and reappears in variations from time to time.

If Rich reads this and wihes pictures to post,I am sure he will let me know.

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