Brief Auto Review Corvette's Sixth Generation vs its Fifth

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Brief Auto Review Corvette's Sixth Generation vs its Fifth

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Mon Oct 02, 2006 6:05 pm

This review is based on visual inspection.

I chanced by a dealer and put my 2002 Summer car (Corvette "Bobtail" coupe) Black on Black aside a 2006 C-6 Standard coupe.

It is noticeable that although the C-6 is shorter overall, it's wheelbase is a tad longer.

The test car was yellow and appeared excellently finished.

The interiors are roughly the same in design, finish etc, . Interior Design is poor and without any frills.. this, apparently is where GM cuts the corners to make this Supercar within reach of more people.

The Standard C-6 produces 400 bhp with a 6 litre engine based on the same block as the C-5's. This basic block, originally of cast iron is now made of cast aluminum.

This block design goes back many years and could previously be noted as the base of all Corvette power plants including the 327 and 350ci engines, but excluding the 427 and 454 ci blocks offered from roughly 1967 to 1972.

The New Z06 is equipped with a small block 7 litre 550 hp engine. This can be tweaked to over 600 bhp with a changed computer chip.

How this affects the roadablity of the car, I don't know. Obviously it is very very fast indeed.


All Corvettes remain equipped with the same shifter as the Z06 2002 and the 2004----2006 GTO's.

The transmission is still rear mounted, making the shifter slightly stickier than that in the GTO where the tranmission is mounted in a standard fashion.

The C-6 is derfinitely faster that the C-5 topping at 215 mph as opposed to 175mph for the '02 Z06 which runs a 5.7 liter 405 bhp powerplant.

The standard C-6 runs the symettrical Goodyear Supercar tire whereas those on the Z06 are assymetrical in tread design.

The exact specs can be found on Sensei Van's "my Maserati" thread.

I am taking the liberty to put minimal auto threads here based on a motto on a sign my Father gave me: "At 55 mph you are driving a car, at 100, you are aiming it"

If you can aim it it's a weapon and a very dangerous and deadly one.

New Z06's are ordered thru dealers who have an allocations

Now, one can order only for 2007 at best. Figure on 18 months to get your car.

Standard C-6's seem plentiful and reasonably priced.

A bit of a risk mentality and some extra coin can get you, , if you can find a 'cheap" C-5 Coupe, a 7 litre. single and double superchargered monster.

Contact me if you wish to know where and how.

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