Problems for Some Here

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Problems for Some Here

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Wed Oct 04, 2006 10:32 pm

I know that most of you may have heralded the sun setting on the Federal Assualt Rifle Ban as it could not be agreed in Congreess that it had had any appreciable effect on crime.

I am sad to say that, for massachussetts residents, this is a problem.

One question, if the Federal ban is gone, what manufaturer is going to bother to continue to make "ban compliant" rifles of that nature?

Answer: no one.

Already manufacturers are so P-------d about our laws and Reilly's regulations, snuck in under 93A (consumer protection) that no Colt replicas, or Colt's, for that matter, are allowed. The manufacturer could get weapons,, in this case handguns, tested to conforms with these regulations.

But they won't.

Manufacturers could still make Mass. 1998 Law conforming rifles, but they won't.

Kimber of Oregon makes the best Mauser type Rifles in the Country. They also make 1911's. They won't ship anything here, end of subject, the end..

I believe Paraordinance and SIG have complied with Mass. 93A requirements.

Since Sensei Van have always liked Paraordinance, this may allays his ire at this situation somewhat.

If you are a 'Cowboy shooter" and you don't like Rugers, you have a problem.

S&W makes nice 1911 clones, so that's a bit of good news.

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