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A site I highly recommend is Nihon Kaigun, the history of Japanese Naval vessels and the Imperial Fleet During WWII.

It also has comparisons between ships as to combat abilities. These Comparisons cover all nations.

Do you know why "Nelson" and her sisters had all their triple turrets mounted forward. "C" Turret (not the term used in British usage) still could
not fire forward.

Why three American Battlecruisers were converted to aircraft carriers, at least in part over the objections of the battleship faction in the navy?

What class represented the best all around Battleship of the War?

What three 'beautiful' Dreadnoughts remained on the ways at war's end and were cancelled or scrapped in the USA and Britain?

A bit of memory refreshing and i will get the answers for you.

Nihon Kaigun states That Yamashiro fell first at Surigao to American Destroyes and PT torpedoes, and not her sister ship Fuso which fell to the shellfire of the aging American Battle Line under Jesse Oldendorf.

Where was Halsey? Do you think we should be grateful Halsey was ill and could not lead at Midway?

I sure as heck do.

Was Fuso the Dreadnought that sank due to shellfire at Surigao Strait, not Yamashiro as set forth in american navy records.

Big Deal right!

Two ships totaling a minimun of 70,000 tonnes between them and carrying at least 1000 crewman each, veterans of the entire War to that point.

Recall that Surface Ships; Dreadnoughts, Cruisers and Destroyers ruled the night for most of the War..

Japanese crews excelled at night actions and the use of Searchlights to both detect and blind the enemy.

They also had available the dreaded 24 inch "long lance" torpedo which probably put a sad end to American (Quincy) and Australian Cruisers (Canberra) at the First Battle of Savo Island.

Also at the Bottom Of IronBottom Sound lies the frequent member of the "Tokyo Express" (replenishment and Bombardment Groups to Gaudacanal) the elegant Kirishima.

American Destoyer Tactics could not compete, nor could American Dreadnoughts----until Radar.

More later, as I always say.

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