Use of Certain Tools/Some General Guidlines

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Use of Certain Tools/Some General Guidlines

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Wed Nov 01, 2006 2:19 pm

First some indication of the further usage of certain tools on this forum:

Of course the best way to respond to a post is sometimes to bring the person you wish to quote's (if on forum) words into the the responsive post as is the common practice now.

In referring to of forum comment or outside sources, it is acceptable, as far as i am concerned, to accurately restate other's words, state the source, and retype or insert the referenced item in Bold Italics.

As to external references I sometimes also use the single quote mark (') for emphasis, or in situations where I recall the general gist of an outside statment but cannot find or recall the 'exact' words of the said statement.

Parentheses are used by myself to insert explanatory notes and comments from 'my point of view'.

I overuse Capitals for emphasis. This use dates back to 18th writings and documents, but is not the currently correct present usage of Capitals.

Therefore, if others wish to write in the same manner it would be Unfair of me to correct Them.

I consider that all reaonably responsive remarks to a post are acceptable.

A responder is obviously not limited to a simple affirmative or negative response.

I am overbroad in my responses and bring in many historical parallels that could be characterized as 'non responsive' in the Legal sense in that Attorneys can limit overbroad answers at trial.

So, I do not wish to limit responses too strictly. (as if I would actually censor anyone anyway)

Obscenity, except when introduced via quote of an outside sources exact relevant comments, is not allowed. I will delete matters that do not meet this guidline.

Insults, insulting tone and trading insults back and forth is discouraged.

I am happy to say i do not think, on this forum, that the negative behavior mentioned in the last two paragraphs has actually taken place.

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