SniperII///Feed From the Field By Osama's Men

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SniperII///Feed From the Field By Osama's Men

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Wed Nov 08, 2006 7:15 pm

Well, we said we'd get to it, a discussion of the difference between types of snipers and differing tactics.

As Sad as it is, you should at least watch and analyze the Sniping Video.

I am unsure the others really tell us anything about a group or groups, especially Al Quaeda 'foreigh fighter' backed by Osama and those who could hack off a Jewish head on live TV.

Well, there i said it.

I also note that the VC and NVA were the consummate terrorists in the field. They seem to be motoring on happlily in Viet Nam atop a mountain of innocent corpses.

I guess if Uncle Jo did it-so could Uncle Ho.

Hey fine, they won, we lost and each side has its own burial grounds to be 'proud of'.

But please, not a second time.

I sould be much surprised, especially in lieu of the vitually unmentioned mass graves outside Hue, that of the"Arc Light" , Rolling Thunder and Linebacker I and II combined.

The first video on the site is a long distance shot from a MUJ camera.

It does not make me happy to watch but, I will make the following comments:

The shots appear to have been fired at a range of 250-300 meters, based on the time elapsed between the shots and impacts.

This is in Keeping with one rule adopted by some of the best snipers, ie; make no shot inside 200 yards as it can be heard easily and give the target a quick notion of where the shot was coming from.

No one can place the location of the shooter on the basis of one shot outside this range, it takes a few, and the MUJ took a few and still the GI's could not locate the shooter.

Other reasons why the shots were difficult to hear and trace in this incident:

The shots came from inside a window muffling the sound of any shot.

It appeared that the shooter was shooting over a busy highway, that can get loud, making even knowing that shots were fired problematic.

One of the GI's did seem to get an idea of where the shooter was from the sound of the report of his M-16, ie: report gets louder when the weapon is pointed at YOU.

In any event they shot that GI as well.

Other comments:

My guess is that the rifle was a captured US sniper weapon; it was bolt action, perhaps the rifle based on the Remington M700.

It was not a Dragunov or the sounds of the bolt being worked would not be present.

It could also be that It was a Soviet M1891 in 7.62X54r with PU scope.

The was little wind sign. If there was wind and the highway was paved and the day hot, as it looked to be, mirage would have shown the direction of the wind.

No visible mirage on a hot day=no wind, or a wind blowing into your face or a wind at your back.

A wind at your back will elveate your shot and vice versa.

The shooters and camera Muj had a clear exit plan, and they used it.

A police sniper would have wanted his range much closer, and he would not need an exit strategy.

None of the tactics mentioned would really apply to a sniper in a US SWAT Police Unit, except for the need to judge wind speed from mirage or "telltales".

There were at least 2 men in the room with the shooter-a spotter perhaps and the camera dude from Al-Jhazheera.

They knew their stuff that's what is scary..

That and the next clip, which I don't recommend, made me sick.

Our men are too spread out and too vulnerable to this kind of attack.
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