Fish or cut bait

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Fish or cut bait

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Tue Nov 21, 2006 7:52 pm

I believe Kissinger and the Pentagon may be correct-the Pentagon and/or the Oval office has written a check that cannot be cashed.

The Catch Phrase yesterday was:

Either: Pull out, stay longer or stay bigger.

Even some Dems have indicated that the first option is not palatable, but the Pentagon has also indicated that the third option is not with in our military capabilities. which leaves---what exactly?

I watched Ted Koppel's program on Iran. The point seemed to be 'don't drop the hammer on these people, especially since they are next to Iraq, until we understand them a bit better.

Offsetting such nice intentions was one of the Revolutionary Guard Officer accompanying Koppel: "Well, after all, Iraq and Iran were part of the same country once"

That's technically true; it appears Iraq definitely was and Iran perhaps was part of the Ottoman Empire.

The Sasanid Persians and Parthians also incorpated much of what is know Iraq.

Roman incursions into Persia were periodically launched to deter Parthian or Sassanid Persian expansion into Roman and later, Byzantine provinces.

Naturally Both would have been a part of Alexander's Empire and that of the Seleucid Successors.

But this sounds like a rather weird way of exampling "being part of the same country".

I would like to have some thought on these matters before continuing.

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