Osama Wants "US"to Convert?

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Osama Wants "US"to Convert?

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Sat Sep 08, 2007 4:21 am

Well, now who can really be called the "Evil Crusader".

I present to you a quote from the book: "The Armies of the Muslim Conquest:" in which The Caliph Abu Bakr declared " Do not kill women and children, or an aged or infirm person-------do not destroy an inhabited place"

The book goes on to point out that 'Jihad is the only form of warfare authorized by Islam' and really is supposed to consist of "a struggle within oneself and to protect Islam".

Osama has no more authority to declare a Jihad or issue Fatwahs than does my parish Priest. However, Osama is wealthy.

I suppose if my Parish priest was a multi billionaire in a much more loosely controlled 'clergy". he could do what he wished in regards to preaching a Crusade against the Islamic World. But he could not do it in the name of the Christian Faith. That's been tried and it was ugly.

Of course, if said priest did so issue "religiously based death warrants and declare "crusades'(he is truly a saintly man in any event and would never do so) he would be defrocked

I say these things just to express my total outrage of a proven murderer trying to convert me or anyone else to his 'faith'..

A qoute from the "Last of the Mohichans" fits:

"Magwa is twisted inside and seeks to make himself into what has twisted him"

Osama-convert thyself.

Osama says we embrace life and they embrace death.

As I have discussed before MY faith does not allow suicide period-let alone a glorification of it or its use to "kill women and children".

So, Osama is correct yet seeks me to convert to a interpretation of Islam that would allow me suicide and mass murder?

How literally jejeune of him.

So, yes, Mike Murphy Sensei once asked me if the War is one of "Principle".

Surely it is on this point alone. Osama wants things HIS way and he is trying to violently bend the world to fit his twisted dreams.

I will not argue the point that our resources could best have been used in another theater than Iraq.

But, we are past these arguments, like it or not. Sorry. Wake up and smell the cordite.

So, do not believe otherwise than that the "line has truly been drawn in the sand" so undermining the War in Iraq, unfortunately, can do NO good for us at this time.

Perhaps it is Osama who should 'find God' in another manner or he will never know peace.

When I was young a catch phrase was "You can't be too thin or have to much money" Osama and Anorexia have disproven that foolish axiom.
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