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Hodding Hill

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Mon Dec 03, 2007 4:05 pm


Thank you for all your advice.

I am taken with the Hodding Hill Spatha, but trchinically I haev orders in with a source through E Bay and Del Tin for Spathas which are quite different as is the one I built as shown on "Spatha Views"

I do wish I could follow your particualr path, but I can't just now.

All the video links posted by Jorvik are excellent if a bit dauntting.

I am 62, running a school despite a disability and I woulod like nothing better than to learn more arts and technique (jitsu) and to follow the spending path towards real quality that you have set forth.

Jorvik, we had started Bo Bo Sparring (with foam bos and headgear and eye protection .

It was amazing that after being studious with the Bo Kata and Kumite that I made up, bassed on Kumite 3 very loosely Fred, that it was not at all difficult to do Jiu KUmite with the Staff.

The 'Foam' safe staffs we made are more closely related in shape to Little John's Staff than Master Sueshi's Bo.


(thanks guys)
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