Between the Centuries-Interim Fighters

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Between the Centuries-Interim Fighters

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Thu Nov 29, 2007 5:46 pm


F-16 From the Florida ANG on the Taxi Way, Are they Meat on the table for what I refer to as 'Interim" Russian designs. Can Improvements to the major US Fighters bring them to a competetive level with the Sukhoi and Mig Interim fighters.

Be mindful some of those I will Name a 21st Century fighers are on the cusp of this new century, One such Fighter is the SAAB Viggen.



Two shots showing the Saab-39's futuristc design.


One British Wag one the Combat Channell spouted "Why build the F22 at all, why not just build more F15s?"

I guess that holologist (he gets PAID!!!!!) has not done his homework.

His point was, yes there are faster aircraft, but the F15 is fast enough, yes there are more manueverable aircraft, but the F15 is manuevable enough!"

Definitely needs to watch the Sukhois in action.

On of the best of the interim design intended to fill the gap between the 20th and 21st century is the Super agile French Rafale.


Despite its super agile abilities and vastly improved Radar, Range and missiles, the Rafale is outclassed by the Sukhoi Sumpremacy clan but is more than a match For current US frontline fighters and their upgraded scion.

When wargaming the Charle DeGaulle's Aircraft against the F-18 Ds , only the "just" superior radar of the F18Ds and the 40 Mi Range of the Amraam Aim-120 allowed American Carrier groups to contain the Rafale.

Advanced Anti ship misslies (the ANS) can also be carried by the Rafale and this missile is a considerable improvent over the proved effective Exoxet in range and warhead size

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