EXCALIBUR & other Entymological asides.

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EXCALIBUR & other Entymological asides.

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Thu Dec 20, 2007 11:48 pm

Ex: A Latin Prefix or word component as in "Exit" to leave.

Caliber: A degree of merit or importance. Later the inside diameter of a gun barrell 1588 (Note: it can also refer to the length of a barrle is in 5" 38 caliber, meaning a five inch bore with a barrle measuring 38 time the bore size jt) Borrowed from the middle French calibre.
Italian Calibro and Spanish Caliber appear too late too late to act as intermediate forms between the Middle French and Arabic qalib ie: mold for casting metal.

Guage or Gage 1440 gawgen, borrowed from Anglo French guage from old Norman French guager guaging rod.

perhaps from gallo romanic galga collective plural of Frankish galgo
, Gallows

(see Galgenritt a musical piece regarging the 'demon of the gibbet' or knight on the gibbet by Paul Hindemith. -jt)

(see or compare Ritter; later German for knight compare with sneckt? (see or compareLandsneckt) a foot knight, name from the time of the 30 years war-jt)

the spelling variants gage and guage have existed since middle english.

(note Gage sometimes referred to in literature as a mailed glove and as a component word for engage jt.)

(Quasi Modern Ballistic usage: (bore) or gauge gun=equals the diameter necessary to produce one english pound in weight with the named number of pure lead spherical projecitles of said diameter Ie: it takes 12 spherical bullet of the diameters of a 12 (bore) guage (shotgun to add up to one pound in weight jt)

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