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Postby JOHN THURSTON » Sat Jan 05, 2008 6:40 am

What a Beauty Sensei, small wonder you will not part with it.


My point was that when I was inducted, of when the tried to induct me, $15 20 was lot of money.

I would never recommend a knife that I did not ha a degre of confidence i.

The purpsoe of this forum, in part, is to simply render written opinions on those items available.

I agree with you, but I think you have trouble reconizing that I feel I must 'check out' as much as possible and render opinon,, also, to those that cannot afford $200 knves.

Sure the Paki blade is NOT my first choice, but smacking a$300 blade into a dirt encrusted root bothers me.

I hope you always feel free to inform and render opinions on anything that you have come accross.

I do have the Nydam type Spatha as shown on an earlier post.

You siad that you thought it was sturdy, and I am not going to be smacking this item around.

But anytng you cold share about it would be helpful.

Pleae have faith in my good faith.

I promise you I will 'pan' any inferior produst.

Unfortunatley the 1960 made US M-1 (m8) M-14 and M-16 bayos I condsider a disgrace and an insut to the men asked to carry them.

The K Bar and the M-9 rate a high passing score, but as you pointed out, I would buy up if I could.

Murphy's Law of Warfare, already qouted, states: A;ways remeber your weapon was made by the lowest bitter.

Pleae do not be distrubed if I render 'passing' grades to any weapon even though I would prefer NOT to have less than the best if my life was on the line.

PLEASE make if clear if and when our passing grades do not match.

I do not think that discouraging the best input I can give based on what I have handled or owned will really help anyone.

Personally, I wish I had Sensie Van's Bowie, but will have to remained satisfired wit the Case, Rigid and the (machete) Exployer.
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