A Word of Explanation

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A Word of Explanation

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Sun Jan 06, 2008 9:18 pm

When you look down the list of threads here, more often than not, mine is the last post.

Please be assured this is not (well, not always) a concerted effort to 'get the last word in" but just a wish to read, reread and learn as much as I can and respond to everyone's thoughts.

Hugh I did find your semi review of the "Depeeka" Spatha.

I had forgotten where it was.

AS i said I willl be trying to play things a bit closed t the vest, ie: to take the advice of the contributors at least as seriously as they take mine.

Well, maybe I will have to take the advice MORE seriously.

Seasons Greetings and I look fro to more congenial discussion with you all in the future.

Sometimes, such as in response to Eric, I tried to put up basic thougts on knife defence tat I hae though about and read about, but, thankfull, I have not had to apply.

I agree with Sensei Van about the use of deadly force before things escalate to where you, the reader, might be in danger.

The 'shrouded" chief has always been a recommendation of many experts.

I carry a Walther, but, Ayoob, for example, only recommends revolvers for "ankle holster' type back ups as well as the use of custom of nearly custom molder holsters for the backup.

It is sanguine advice, but, if you cannot follow the first rule of self defence, ie: STay OUT of dangerous areas one may have to resort to finding and maintaining a more or less unpapered "throw down".

I cannot give this as 'legal' advice, of course.

It seems in dangerous urban areas this MAY be almost a required survival trait.
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