Revisionist History

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Revisionist History

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Thu Jan 10, 2008 3:19 pm

Some history needs to be revised, and some does not.

The "Conspiracy theory One" as I have labeled it, puts FDR in the middle of a plot to start the War.

Make no mistake, in a certain sense this might be true.

A man as Intelligent as FDR would have known the militant Japanese empire could not tolerate, at the time, the sanctions he imposed.

Sanctions can be dangerous. It is by no means certain that sanctions would not provoke a war.

In fact I believe sanctions, in some case, are just 'blockades' which would be an act of war.

This is just a personal belief thread.

I don't beleive that FDR knew, for example, when, where and how the Empire would react.

I feel that FDR engaged in an exercise in brinksmanship that went sour.

However I believe FDR clearly wanted a war, but I do not think he knew any details of the Japanese planned attack. I think his focus was on the war in Europe.

In the Atlantic, despite an absence of a state of war, US Destroyers were involved in the escorting of Atlantic convoys.

In doing so the "Reuben James" was torpedoed by a U Boat with a great losss of life.

Please understand that, as I often do, the first post on a thread my be 'shooting frim the hip" and thus lacking all details.

(what were their names boys
What were their names
Oh did you have friends on the good Reuben James)

I haven't properly researched the incident.

As to the "sanctions" imposed by the US on Japan, one thing stands out "It's all about the oil".

The US was an exporter of oil in 1941 and, perhaps, the US was the Empire's major source of oil.

Hideiki Tojo, much maligned, was executed for his support, basically, of the "War Plan".

But I believe that he believed he was doing what he felt was best for Japan.

Yamashita, the "Tiger of Malaya" was executed as well.

Films of the 'trials' show a process that was bent one one thing: punishment.
The Japanese have their own version of history and in this respect the attack and the war could be view3ed as a War of Survival.

However, the horrendus carnage of the "Rape of Nanking" is, apparently, forgotten as are the comfort girls etc..

Also forgotten was the murderous attack on Manilla--which was declared an open city in 1941 and the 1945 street fighting in Manilla to retake the city.

On information and belief I do not think General Yamashita wanted the fight in the city and the bloody fighting that took the lives of 100,000 civilians was instigated by the IJN Admiral.

Now folks, in a certain sense Manilla could not fairly be an "open city' because of the intricate set of defenses (Corregidor, Fort Wilson etc.) could have produced serious 'collateral damage in any event.

But the forts seemed well clear of the City itself??)

One could spend a very long time finding exacrly where the fortifications where.

Absolutely frustrating to me were the 100 one page sites on the attack on Pearl when I was looking to see what Japanese aircraft were part of the attack,

I suspect one midget submarine got into the harbor and porpoised when its torpedoes were fired. The USS Ward Sunk another with on shot.

I do know that the attack came in two waves and that the second wave, which consited in part of "horizontal bombers" was treated roughy.

One Japanese airman said the horizontal bombers, peerhaps of the second wave, looked like "sitting ducks".

The majot US interceptor in the area at the time were Curtiss P-40s. Do keep in mind that this aircraft was twice as heavy as a Zeke and, like it's Naval counterpart; the F4F Wildcat could take a great deal more punishment.

P-40 armament varied from mark to mark.

I beleive that 2 Warhawks got into the air from a dirt strip at Kanehea (sp??)

One site in essence stated that the Zeke was built aeound the best engine that Japan had at the time

The engine was a good engine, but could not propel a fighter heavier than the Zeke..

The P-40 was also continuosly upgraded during the war and that accoubt for the varying names : Warhawk, Tomahawk and Kittyhawk.

The P-40E 'Kitttyhawk) (going on memory) was upgraded in armaent and could reach 400 mph---50 miles an hour faster than the P-40's in the islands in 1941, and 50 miles an hour faster than the Zeke.

I am just going to post some pics for revew.

In a protest (to change the subject) Okinawans made it clear that the mainland's revsionist view of the fight for Okinawa implied that they voluntarily took part in suicide attacks, diversions etc.

They made it clear that they feel they never took part in any such plans.

This is an iimportant incident for those of us who study Okinawan Karate.

I will post pictures of the Japanese aircraft I know took part in the attack, ut I cannoy say the list is complete in my mide, but I wanted to get the thread started.

the seconc conspiracy thereot ut the CIA or other agencies in actually taking part in 9/11.

Even Slick Willy Bill Clinton lost his cool when this conspiracy theory was broached at a press conce.

How Dare You!!!! He sadi.

And, foronce, I agreed with his ire.

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