Gun Law Matrix/Please Print all Mass. Gun Owner Readers

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Gun Law Matrix/Please Print all Mass. Gun Owner Readers

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Fri Jan 11, 2008 7:29 pm


The Gun laws re: carrying, storing and transporting firearms in the Commonwealth are so out of handand complex , my friend had to make a matrix so that we could hand them out at Safety Courses.

The 'loophole" in the 1998 Law that allowed one to get a hunting license without a hunter safety course or prior license has been closed.

Fortunately, I informed all I could think of that the loophole was going to close and I hope they bought their licenses thus forewarned since having just one prior license obviates the need for a hunter safety certificate in most jursidictions.

I think as a certified firearms instructor I might be a bit put out if I also had to take a hunter safety course.

But, the requirement is a good idea, although requiring two courses--one for the gun license and one for the hunting license, seems a tad redundant.

Not my call.

I honestly think you should have a copy of the matrix if you are a gun owner in this Commonwealth.

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