A Suggestion For A T-Shirt

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A Suggestion For A T-Shirt

Postby Hugh » Fri Jan 11, 2008 8:25 pm

John, since you seem to like conspiracy theories, here is a T-shirt for you.
I found this the other day and ordered a T-shirt with the logo. It is a wonderful commentary for wearing around Washington, DC.
http://www.cafepress.com/buy/pompeii/-/ ... pt_/c_666/
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Con spire azies

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Fri Jan 11, 2008 11:12 pm

Hi Hugh:

Actually I reject both 'conspiracy" theories, or all three, wwhatever.

I have a pilot friend of mine who maintains that the airliner crashes into the WTC and Pentagon could not have been carried out even by military pilots.

Don't buy it..

Didn't a B-25 hit the Empire State Building in 1945 simply by accident?

It is not clear to me that the onboard gps guidance on the 737s, which I am only assuming were more sophisticated than my 15 year old hand held, could and did not act as as "Initial and interim guidance".


Visit the bulidling.

Record the coordinates with a hand held.

Learn how to reset the onboard GPS systems on your civiian laiden cruise missile, and maybe half your mission is accomplished?.

Fly low enough in that airspace and you are going to hit something tall.

On the other subject, I do think the FDR wanted into the War because (he felt) it was in our best long term interests.

But again, any thoughts of him having any connection or knowledge of the actual opening attacks really upsets me.

I think he was 400 times too patriotic and I am not sure that number is even close to being high enough.

As to Pompeii, though, I think a disgruntled Roman "Aquifier" set the eruption off by cracking open one of the aqueducts and letting the cold water flow onto the subsurface magma.



Just kidding.

But the Novel "Pompeii" of about two years ago does discuss the investigations of an Aquifier into the (fictional??) disruption of the towns.' water supplies a prior to the eruption.

Except as alleged in the novel, I have little or no knowlledge as to the towns' (I include Herculaneum) constructed water aqueducts and underground tunnels except to note that they assuredly were more extensive than I would have knowledge of ., and way beyond my alleged expertise..

I don't like the conspiracies theories at all, but the T-shirt seems cool.

The only reason I might not buy one, I suppose, is that it might suggest I buy into more recent conspiracy theories.

I will say the attacks on US navy destroyers in the straits of Hormuz are scarily reminiscent of the "Turner Joy" and "Maddox" ( Gearing FRAM II?) in Tonkin Gulf incident.

Since one can (as shown vis a vis the Aegis Destroyer Cole) load a 'go fasts' with high explosives and take it from there in restricted waters(-the Japanese had their Kaiten and suicide boats) the fact that these 'go fasts" are smaller than NVN MTB's is small comfort.

I beleive the CIWS (Phanlanx Close in Weapons Sytems) on Aegis and other types can be taken under manual control----well, i dunno--still rather a lose lose situation, but they might have been the weapon of choice to put shots across a go fast's bows.

Alos, for Persian Gulf Service, many "Brown Water" useful weapons, such as M2's (one shot-no go fast) and Mini vulcans and chain guns have been welded on decks to perceived vulnerable spots on USN vessels, which we would have no knowlede of as they are either not allowed or not uniform from ship to ship.

The Arleigh Burke Class is the only Aegis ready destroyer that I know about.

Ticonconderoga's are the Cruiser Equivalent.

The Frigate mentioned is unknown to me and the Whitby Island is very old, but originally (i thought) and ECM or Command Ship I do not know what their ASUW capabilites are.

It is possible that the Whitby island could be, as reported, an amphibious assualt ship, but these are usually named for Marine Victories.

( Nassau, Iwo Jima are the Major types. The former will have a very flexibible and hard hitting air wing when the JSF come on line, and Harriers and Sea Cobras are dangerous. nassua types are in the 20-25,000 ton displacement range, as big as any "light' carrier)

Oliver Hazard Perry and Knox class Frigates come to mind and their ASUW capabilities are not as capable as any AEGIS type.

The OHP Frigate Stark was hit by an exocet prior to the Gulf War.

All these classes appear rather undergunned . I don't think they actually are undergunned in the case of the Aegis Types, but the Frigates and the Whitby Island ---???

Many former 'solely SAMs" if think could be used in ASUW War.

Non Aegis Destroyer types such as Spruances and Kidds I did not see on any tatpe.

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