Let's DO Something for the troops!!

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Let's DO Something for the troops!!

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Thu Jan 17, 2008 8:22 pm

Hello, things have been quiet here.

But maybe we can sit and figure out and. or inquire as to what one could send, personally, to the GI's and Gyrenes whoxe boots are in the send.

I am posting this as an invitation to make inquiry and suggestions, and then find a way how we might get the sugessted items to where they are needed.

My friend who DID make it into the Corps told a story to he effect, that when his unit came out of the bush and was ordered to 'stand to' for medal presenatation.

Not only was there considerable insult to the Grunts, buy the presentation of medal to Allegedly) make awards to a (REMF) who had never been in the buss.

The incoming Marines were required to strip, and throw all the worn out junk, down to underwear, in a pile.

They they all had to wait in line while new boonie hats, "flaks vest with some polymer in the sleeves, clean underwear, showers, new boots--jest as if they were "boots'.

Problem was, when they stood down from the presentation, they were ordered to turn in all the new stuff and dig their old stuff out of the pile.

Fortunately this foulup did not extend to weapons, or I am sure some bad thing would have happened.

Apparently nobody did anything.

Every one was so afraid of going to LBJ (Long Binh Jail) and having time added to the tour, already 13 months as opposed to an army trooper's 12, and such was the discipline, that the grunts hung tough.

So, what could we get to the guys that need it. Back in the Day it a need for a goood knife, or a Browning semi auto pistol, How anyone got the last two items in country is beyong me, and that is part of the point.

Anecdotally I am told some Px's sold weapons in ocuntry---but I don't think, for sure, you could count on getting them on the 'freedom bird'.

I rather think that Winchester M1917 Trence Guns would hae ben a big seller.

So for purposes of this post how about things we might get tot he troopp next week that might make their lives more comfortable, how about something that might actually keeping them alive.

Some Thoughts:

Extendable baton
Good usable knives
Good usable Machetes

Extra Mags for M-9's, which I am told are hard to get and/or for any other persoanl weapon.

I don't think ther is any shortgae of M-12 amd Ak Mags.

How abbout better flashilights, ?

Battery powered shavers?

Attachable optics for the M-16 and M44.

"Piccatinty" type rails for those troops who might not have gottem them.

Qucick detach and or see through rings for the "handled bar harries"

Quality or imprved scopes such as Red Dot and Aimpoint (the latter in issue, but I don't know to what extent)

replacement Lower rails for laser dots and flashlights?

Do we have to contact an armorer to be sure the stuff all got mointerd?

Shooting Bipods or Harris Bypods for the designated shooter.

More comfortable rucks?

Camo replacement stocks?

Better body armor.

How do we find out what the troops have, and if they need better, what to get and how to get is overseas??

How about seeing if we can help antually trying to do it?

UechiRich would have a handle on this. For starters, I am hanging onto this issue of shotgun news.

How av-bout somethinas simple as getting SGN and THe American Riflem to the troopers and armorers?

There are tons of 'fighting accesrories" that are non lethal but which mith really be a help.

The Vertical foregrip lowers and Aimpoints (or clone) seem to be a bit of a hit???

One Article is Entitled "Fighting Optics for the Ar-15". and an AD "Everything AR 15"

Maybe Rich can hep us get some "stuff" to usefel places
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Postby Hugh » Fri Jan 18, 2008 2:53 pm

Several magazine publishing companies are offering deals whereby you can send subscriptions to the magazines that they publish to troops in the combat zone for very reduced rates. I took advantage of one that "Automobile" magazine offered and sent 3-4 subscriptions over. They sent :automobile" and a couple of hunting/fishing sorts of mags.
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That's Kewl

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Fri Jan 18, 2008 6:04 pm

I will drop a PM to UechiRich and ask if there is anything we can do.

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