For All of Then

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For All of Then

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Wed Mar 19, 2008 9:14 pm

Amazing Grace how sweet the sound-----

"save me and all but six, and save them for pallbearers" James Garrett (paraphrase)

That saved a wretch Like me----

(55,000 "kids" in the "Nam)

I once was lost but now I see

(360,000 dead in WWII, the War to end all wars)

Twas grace that sought my heart to to fear----

(120,000 Dead in WWI-the War to make the world safe for Democracy)

And Grace my my fears relieved

(If my loyalty does not stand here, then where does it stand?") (a very good question)

How Pecious did that grace appear---

(120,000 Casualties in the Korean 'Conflict" never called a War.-----?)

The Hour I first beleieved

"---" it--drive on, it don't mean nothin'" a "grunt")

Through many dangers toils and snares---

('for whom does the bell toll, it tolls for thee" (EH re: the Spanish Civil War)

I have already come

("Retreat hell. we just got here--" Unknown WWI Doughboy)

'tis grace Grace that brought me me safe thus far

"Get the --- up here, what do you thiink I am- a scout?" unknown GI.

And Grace will lead me home.

"we're not retreating, just advancing in another direction" CA Puller-chosin wonsan road."

"All Enlightenment Gratefully Accepted"
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