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Wanna be the captain of a major suface vessel, or M-1 Tank commander, and want to be really nevous, catch the design implication of the "Krakatoa" device, for naval purposes developed by the smallest navy in the world.

That of Ireland.

On land the "Shaped Charge Induced Plasma Jet Weapon" (the military uses a different acronyn.

Imagine a speaker cone, only one fashioned out of copper (thickness claassified) backed in a cylindircally shaped charge laden device of C-4 or SemTex.

The distance of the conformally shaped plastic ex and it thinkness are going to vary and seem, in any event, to vary.

The plasma jet can reach out and penetrare a minimum of inch of homomogenous armor from 25 yards away.

The superheated core of copper (of all things) may also be effective on layered, spaced, and chobham composites armor.

The only drawback is the limited range and the relative ease of reconignition.

Previously a shaped charge warhead had to be delivered at a restrained velocity, of the cohesiveness of the shaped would be destroyed on impact.

Whether of not, a copper retained or spacing arrangment would defray the los of integretity of the shaped charge is still classified.

The female warrant officer demonstrating the device of 1 inch of plate stell underwater, by which the penetraaton and violence of the anti armor effect is accentuated, hung the plate and the "Krakatoa" device about ten feet underwater.

the deploying frogmen (UDT) and their zodiac quikly cleared the area, igniting the fuse at least 1/4 mile away from the blast sight, which, form the surfacce, appeared unimpresssive.

the Plate found had a neat 5 inch wide hole puched through it with some ancilarry 1 inch hole.

The Warrant officer said that you dis not want to be in the water with 1/2 mile of the diminutive appearing but wildly violent explosion as the pressrue waves would cllapse any air filled cavity in the human body.

"Krakatoa" indeed.

the Ship of the Navy of Eire nearbly, the "Deidre" is a relatively small frigate trawler and, at last reading, was that Navy's only major suface combatant.

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