Pics for new generation

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Pics for new generation

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Tue Jun 24, 2008 5:39 pm


Although the Yak 141 is presently the worlds only "supersonic" VTOL craft, it is not technically operational and one of the the incompleted Large Carriers ("Kuznetztov"?) has been sold to the Chinese.

Not that it matters as the Yak 141, like its predecessor the Yak 38, which operates, for example, from the "Helicopter carriers" such as Moskva and Kiev(Large Antisubmarines Cruisers in Soviet Parlance), seems long on speed and short on range. and only, thus far, deployed in a 'testbed" fashion.

In such wargaming as I have tried, the Yak 38 Forger, , is 'meat on the table" to shore based state of the art )(or earlier) land and large carrier based fighters and, beca suse of its designs, canot employ "Viffing" (vertical inflilight vectoring) to compete, even, with the positive characteristics available to pilots of the now aging Harrier.

In any event, I have imbedded the US"s next generation of foighters, which really skips the 'goal' of intending to competete with either the Eurofighter and numerous airframe clones, and gone dierctly to multi basable, multi configuration, supersonic, super maneuverable and stealth capable F-22's and F35s.


6 F 22a's at Elmendorf,


F-22 with vapor trails.


F-35 in refuel mode. (note the refueling fleet is in real need of help)


F-22 in High G mode.

The F-35's have been billed as inferior in some respects to the Harriers and some Soviet Aircraft, but, the advantage of stealth capabilites and multi role modes should overpower any such possible drawbacks, and the opinions to tat effect are not substanstiated.

the "nostalgia' for the first VTOL operational Aircraft should not cloud our view of the capabilities of the F-35. I will look more into the criticisms made.

Enjoy the pics. Again, I enjoy putting them up as ease for the readers and from "color" in an otherwise drab capable forum.

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