Pearl redux Two

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Pearl redux Two

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Tue Aug 26, 2008 4:51 am

Despite the notoriety and microexamination of the attack, only sites that specialize in the Nihon Kaigun actually set forth the equipment used by tht IJN and the IJNAF:

I beleive the Kate, ,Val and Zero were the major component of the attacking air fleet of 300 aircraft.




US Photo of Val in attack mode.

Dive bombers were deemed necessary because torpedoes could not strike the inner line of "Battleship row",

It was was probably a Val thedestroyed the Arizona, sa she was inboard of Vestal.

Outboard ships , like Oklahoma, took terrible strikes from the Japanese torpedoes.

I will be posting photos of the "Fleet that came frome the grave",

Mostly, after refloating, the modernization ot the fleet made them almost unreconnizeable .

Obviously the Zekes were for what we would cal MIGCAP,

The Aichi 99 Val, and AM68 Zeke, better know as "Zero".


The Val could be used as a torpedo or or horizontal bomber and the Kate as the dive bomber, despite its obsolennce as evididened by the the "SPATs" (or not retractcable land landing gear)

The man said "Bombs let in air, but torpedoes let in water" favoing the latter.

But the Obsolecent "devastators' (Torpedoe 8) were wiped out at Midway, band it was the SBD Dauntless', that blew up, via ammo and avgas, four Japanese carriers at Midway.

If you thnk there were other types among the attacking force, please let me know.
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