Things have changed

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Things have changed

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Wed Aug 20, 2008 4:25 pm

The number of comflict that will be opened in any semi formal or formal way is fading.

I understand what you mean, but 3000 miles of oceans no longer protect us, and a pre emptivie srtike, by the US, under the circumstances, becomes more and more likely.

3 out of the last wars in which we have be involved have been started by, so -called, "suprise attacks".

In the Phillipine instrustion, the was was only stoped by the taking of Ameliano Aguinaldo at a parley.

Others: Port Arthur, Pearl Harbor, the Spanish American war (was though to be an attack on the
Maine later proven false, an internal explosion.

The "notion" of Chilvary is kinda on the wane.

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Postby mikemurphy » Fri Aug 22, 2008 9:02 pm


Not sure what you are saying about some of these battles/conflicts. I don't think we can count that last two Gulf Wars as sneak attacks. Iraq was warned and the build up of forces occurred right under their noses. The Balkans certainly didn't happen by accident. Vietnam was a gradual build up; in fact, you could argue that Vietnam started in the late 1940s due to a broken promise by our very own Pres. Truman to Ho Chi Minh. WWI we were late getting into. The Philippine Revolution also started due to a broken promise by William McKinley to Emelio Aquinaldo (amazing, huh). Spanish American War was inevitable. The Civil War was calculated. The Mexican war was gradually brought on. The War of 1812 was slow in the making, and the Revolutionary War was extremely lucky. Where are you goin with your comments. Makes good conversation.

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Postby JOHN THURSTON » Sun Aug 24, 2008 2:25 am

I just do not beive that the 'Declarion of War " Process will be followed in and attack against an enemy, such as Russia, whose power might well negate the attack.

In the other situations I quite agree.

it's just a feeling brought forward from the fact that we have been subject to surpise attack and the fact that althugh terrorists can amass significnat striking powng, even if they have to steal it, I doubt they will make any such gesture, not will we when attacking an affiliate of AL Quaeda.

Also, Al Quaeda make its home mostly in Pakistan----I doulbt we will 'declare war; Pakistan where we need their support in the region.

This is a dagger and dirk war. The old method is equivalent to calling out a man to a duel, with seconds

I point of fact, werer there formal declarations made in the gulf even though if was clear war was coming, on or after 9/11, after the tonkin Gulf Resolution or after Congrees signed off on the wars in the Gulf?
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