The Curious Case of "old Henry Francisco

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The Curious Case of "old Henry Francisco

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Thu Dec 24, 2009 10:00 pm

Well, I will have to say that my stay at a bed and breakfast in Whitehall New york, the Alleged Birthplace of the American Navy was not Pleasant.

I doubt that any of you would find a stay enjoyable if the B&B you a sleeping in catches on fire at 3:30 AM.

I was actually proud of my little family. It stead of "HUH or Why? or "let me check it out, whne I burst into the respectice rooms and said "UP AND OUT NOW grab what you can carry"------no questions were asked, and my family were in the parking lot with ther Stuff while I was still inside poiundiing on other gueats doors.

One thing about WhiteHallites. they are nothing if not slightly difficult to upset, the owner and the Police seemed to think that i set the fire (the result of a cigarette butt onto the B&B's Awning, a testament to the crowded spaces of land along the canal and lake Champlain.

I do apologize for forgetting the original name of the town, but it was changed to whitehall (the HQ building of the British Admiralty) and the allotting of the title of "Birthplace of the AMerican Navy" to the town that caused the change.

Seriously, I must tell you that there are only three of four buildings in Whitehall younger than 1850. The newer one seem Limited to gas station and McDonalds and Burger King.

If i had not been sick (yeah yeah I know you know I have FMS) at 3:30 AM evrything and everyone would have been toast in ten minutes.

Well, at least i did not get arrested and the owner did refund my money with thanks (his daughter and her kids were among the occupants) after six weeks.

On the Ridge squeezing the town wetween itself and the Lake, there is a beautiful Mansion anchored into it's side. It was built by one judge Skeene in the 1800's.

ships built at whitehall participated in the American/British lake battles during the war of 1812 and perhaps the revolutionary War.

I will be detailing the various lake battles at some point.

Its most famous resident seems to have been "Old Henry Francisco" who lived to be (allegedly) 134 years old and listed as interred in "The Old Skene Cemetery"

So, the Skene family must have been the movers and shakers of Whitehall in earlier time.

Henry Francisco (everything follows is 'alleged') unless a notation indicates otherwise:

was born May 31, 1686; His date of death is gives as "October 1820";
he served :

In Colonel Sth Warner's Regiment from January 1777 until 1778; so it appears possible he may have been at Valley Forge. I will research that matter.

There is a lot more to Henry Francisco's military carreer, and I do ask momentary patience as I cannot list all his various enlistments and services dates just now.

He was, however, interviewed by a de Toqueville predecessor in 1819. which described as "fair and delicate" in appearance.

Dr. Stillman, the interviewer asked if Henry had been present at the coronation of Queen Anne, whose name is used to identify "Queen Anne's War".

Henry allegedly responded to the question as follows:

"Ah, dat I did, and a fine looking woman she was too, an any dat you will see now a days". Queen Anne was crowned in 1702. he Participated in all Queen Anne's Wars.

Of the commanders he served under he cold recall only the Duke of Marlborough.

Voltaire penned a quatrain about "Malbrouck" which i read in 10th grade. I had an excellent English and History teacher:

"Malbrouck se vat'en guerre
(rataplan, rataplan rataplan)
je ne sais quand il reviendre
(rataplan, rataplan, rataplan)

(french onomatapaeic render of a drum roll)

Penned and posted quatrains were a major way of transmission of news. music, current events and coming events in early 17th Century Paris. Although this phenomenon was noted on the Military Channel and The Discovery and history Channel, this quatrain was not mentioned.

the quatrain continues in the same veinn, but this is all i can recall at the moment. I sure you might find more of it on Google.

After i 'wrap up" the matter of Henry Francisco, I will be addressing "Great Raids" and the first to be addressed will be Skorzeny's rescue (by Fallschirmjaeger and a Fiesler 'Storch' (stort).
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Postby f.Channell » Tue Jan 05, 2010 10:29 pm

Another Birthplace of the American Navy?

Beverly Mass claims it.
Newburyport Mass claims it.

And all for good reason having ships armed with cannon by George Washington to stop supplies from getting into British occupied Boston during 1775-early 1776.

With Lake Champlain they must be referring to the boats built by Benedict Arnold and sailed against the British after his attempt on Quebec.

I love Lake Champlain and have visited 3 fort ruins on the New York side but birthplace of the American Navy? Big no.

The first armed attack on a British Vessel was the Gaspee in R.I. but not sanctioned by any Congress you can't really claim that as the birthplace of the American Navy. But a real cool story.

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