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You Be the Judge

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Tue Jun 08, 2010 8:45 pm

Advance sukhoi vs F-22---low speed maneuvering.

The simplest wat to do this as the flights are in two different movie formats is to direct you to the home page for my FLICKR account.

What I would like for you to compare is the latest demo footage released for the F-22 and the SU-37.


It is clear that the USAF and related Nato and non Nato allies intend to do is to create a 21st Century equivalent of the F-15 and F-16 Team which dominated the 80's , 90's and the first decade of this century.

The Russians hava already made an aerdynamic clone of the F-22. They are very good at that.

They only aircraft since the beginning of WW II which actually stole a "leap" on the West were the Mig 15 (which had some flaws that made it vulnernable nonetheless against US veteran pilots. Since many of the Mig 15's flown with DPRNK and Chinese markings, and they did not farewell against US flown F-86's, this probably gave Stalin some sleeples nights.

The Mig 25 was feared as a Phanton killer.

It was as the latter was a high altitude recce and interceptor type.

It could fly away from any Phantom in the same manner in which a Blackbird could accelerate away from anything in the sky. But the Mig 25 could not even dogfight the "lead sled" F-4. Neither aircraft were planned as dogfighters.

Suffice it to say, they never faced off, and were not intended to. The Mig 25 was designed to intercept B-70 Valkries which it migh have been able to do. similarly the F-4 was intended to be the fleet's interceptor.

Due to tactical mishandling and incorrect trainiing, the Mig 21 "a badly flawed aircraft" according to one writer, the Phantom did not dominate the fishbed.

The most likely aircraft to duel and deal with the Mig 21's was the Vought F-8-------and that aircraft was never use in that role.

In any event go to my phote and move collection site and watch the Sukhoi vs. the Raptor. Remember that the Sukhoi is, at best, only mildly stealthy but otherwise is a very scary opponent.
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Postby JOHN THURSTON » Fri Jul 16, 2010 11:09 pm

Sorry if the mpving pictures were too short.

It has to do with Flick's spce limitations.

But if you do have some comments--let me know.

From what I have seen of the various airshow pics (where, admitedly, Raptor pilots cannot show the full range of the F-22's capabilities, the F-15 will be badly outclassed by the new generation Sukhoi fighters.

Also-cutting into the F-22 or B-1 Prgrams is madness.

We MUST have air supremacy, and not just localized air superiority, unless we are willing to take many more casualties on the ground.

When the body count for Gettysburg is topped by Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, Afghanistan, Just cause, Urgent Fury, Restore Hope-COMBINED it will all of a sudden be to late.

To rely of an Air Force Low on F-22's. B-1's. F-35's will raise the body county quickly.

The Green Beenies Giuding B-1's from Diego Garcia was the tactic the broke the back of the Taliban in the field.

A Quote from Harry Wilson's War (getting MANPADS (stingers) to the Muhj: "we had em beat, but we screwed up the end game".

This is becoming to be a dangerous pattern in our operations. Too tough or too long, and we cut bait and run.
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