Lost-a second Father

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Lost-a second Father

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Sat Aug 16, 2014 1:52 pm

Jack met me when my father had recently passed away and I was politically "Riffed" from a temporary appointment as Project Attorney for Chinatown and the Waterfront area. The Waterfront Counsel appreciated my limited input regarding the 'Floating marine pavilion because I had some background in the area.

I was "not passed" at one of George's (now my good friend I hasten to add) test. I think the organization has since passed away. Truly my right shoulder was and remains "broken". jack helped me with this and the Promotional matter, which at the time was psychologically important to me. he just invited me to his home, which was his dojo then, and we worked upon the things he saw. He also made sure I had a separate test because of shoulder and damaged ankles. The latter caused panic attacks at the offices of 7 orthopedic surgeons.

His way to teaching was unique and will never be matched. He found 'whispering a comment ' quietly in my ear did a lot to rebuild my confidence. The opposite method, that of yelling at a student, was not his way. His serous yet seemingly controlled demeanor made sure every point went home.

I cannot think of anything I asked him to do that he refused to do without an extremely good reason. he Put me up and passed me for sixth Dan (Renshi) in a small forum at the Dojo in Quicy which he shared with

Russ Centamore, Gary Goodman and "Billy g.". He did this in part because he knew my ankles were about and perhaps because he felt he was failing. I mean by this that his health seemed to be failing.

This was, however, another favor he did for me who could not return any favors to him in that sense of the word. In all honesty, I must say he seemed to be in his highest spirits when he was teaching or helping someone.

My best last memory of him was at his Christmas party in-well I can't remember the year. He was vibrant with goodwill and good health and very happy. unfortunately, the only really fitting quote that I can think of is that the "World is in the Power of the evil one" and therefore, Jacks luck "ran out". in the form of a very sad car crash. If he felt great before the accident, he felt crushed afterwards.

However, I found that he had no broken bones or anytime wrong with him-so he was left in a Hospital bed at the then Quincy medical Center for THREE weeks without any positive plan, or negative warnings.

This situation, at a decent hospital seemed another sign of some strange power that we cannot perceive at work. no apparent injuries, but intense pain. As a Fibromyalgia victim I was left twice to sleep overnight in the emergency room. Their procedure at Jordan (not jack's hospital) seemed to be a test of how much pain I could take. finally my wife pulled me out. That did not help the pain, but at least she did not think I was a junkie on withdrawal.

Steve Banichek came in to visit on another day when I was yelling at the nurses to do "something" as leaving a man like jaw in pain, in a bed, while not providing his extended family, or non extended family, with any evidence of-well-anything was frustrating in the extreme. Steve remained calm, but in agreement, and the both of us were 'non plussed" at the condition of a man who, ih his way, had saved us both in the past and whom we thought could walk on water if asked. We decided to take some action, I confronted the head nurse and asked why he was in bed, in such pain without any clear diagnosis since it was clearly not helping.

After this minor blow up at the hospital, they came up with a plan that may have involved predizone, 'that wonderful and simultaneously terrible drug" (in the words of a doctor friend of mine.

I used to enjoy sitting with his so much at Sully's that I cannot give a reason why I stopped going to Quincy at all.

More to follow.
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