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new military news

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Mon Sep 29, 2014 1:17 pm


Part of the reason for this post/forum is to keep you more or less up dated in military events and equipment around the world, so that you do not have to watch, read and resesearch as I do.

It's my "Thaaaang".

1. the Surveilance aircrat buzed by the Chinese Fighet 2 weeks ago was the new (replacement for the P-3 Orion) naval surveillance aircraft I believe called the P-5. I appears to be two massive turbo fan engines mounted in pods (the usual US practice) and I believe it is designated the P-5. When i get more information I will Post it. I hope I can get pictures posted again soo. In poin of fact it appear not to have been "buzzed" by a Chinese Su-27 (if the picture was correct, but a strike variant of the Su-27 which I believe is the Su-32. This aircraft has good speed, good manueverability and an impressive loadout of Air to Air and Anti Shipping missiles.

2. The US A-10 "Warthog" is die to be retired. This is going to be a problem as there is no real replacement, and Fairchild/Republic is no longer in existence. The Navy has been turning to variants of the F-18 to fufill this role. It is, of course, a much faster aircraft which is now also being produced in a variant called the "Growler" which is slated to replaced the A-6E "Prowler". I have no information on when the transasitions will take place.

3. From the pictures of the aircraft stiking in Iraq and Syria by the US appear to be F-18 Super hornets (a 2 seat variation of the F-18 which itself envolved from the YF-17 trial aircraft reject by the USAF for the light weight fighter program. USAF went with the F-16, the 'fly by wire systems in the F-16 killed many pilots due to electronic "harness degradation" but it seems that problem was solved.

4. USAF plane involved in the strikes appear to be F-15 Eagles or Strike Eagle variant.

5. The UAE deployed its first Fermale pilot in the strike. It was not possile to get a clear identification of her aircraft, but it appeared to be a Sepecat "Jaguar". A small but effective ground attack aircraft.

6. If the French Carrier Charles DeGaulle becomes involved, the 40,000 ton Nuclear powered aircraft carrier (Porte D'avion) usually deploys Dassault "Rafale" (desert winde?) aircraft which are very capable in alll roles. I ti a bit slower than the Supehornet, but more maneuverable. I do not know what the CDG is using for AEW as the Hawkeyes (E2C) originally purchased for the job were rumored to have a wingspan that was too large for the CDG. typically, no follow up to this story.

7. The British have no large carriers, although one is purportedly under contruction. How many of the "Illustrious" type small cruiser/carriers remain in serve is not known to me. The Illustrious type would be able to deploy Harriers. The land bassed aircraft that the British might use would be variant of the "Tornado" which come in air superiority and strike variants. Bases that they could be deployed from would be AViano in Northern italy and sigonella in southern Italy. The former base saw much activity in the 1999 bombing Campaign against Serrbia.

6. USAF has any number of aircraft that could operate from these bases (F-15, F-15E, and F16B) and aircraft that could attack directly or launch Cruise Missiles even when based on guam (Anderson Field) and from the continental US. These would include the venerable B-52, and the B-1 and B-2. The most effective weapon for the foregoing, when air defenses are suppressed to allow direct attack is the Joint Strike GPS guided weapon.

I have some interesting news regarding the development of an anti missile shield 'called "Iron dome" utilizing Patriot and locally buillt small SAMS (NOT named) which allegedly can intercept small surface to surface (and locally manufactured in Gaza) down to the size of the unguided "Kaytusha" Artillery rockets thought impossible of inteception by the US. The Israeli Minister was at pains to poiint out that larger and higher flying missiles of the Scud type would be handled by isreali crewed Patriot missile systems. I do not doubt that the Israelis have upgraded the patriot or are at least capable of doiing so.

More as more info come to me.

Do ask questions.

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