China's New Threat

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China's New Threat

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Fri Nov 14, 2014 6:21 pm

Hello all:

As you may have noted, the Chinese Air Force (known in China as the People's Liberation Army Air Force) demonstrated their new Strike Fighter. It is no surprise that with all the stuff they make for us, to the extent that that might be able to infiltrate successfully) the J-35. To the naked eye viewing from the outside it appears nearly identical to our F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, and it is, just as the Russian Stealth Fighter is externally identical in fairly creepy detail to our F-22 Raptor.

The J-31 Falcon as it is called is different only in the salient fact that it has to (very smoke from reports) engines. The Air Show was the "Air defense show" at Zhuhai, Guangdong Province.

A "posted article" says: This show of force comes two days into a visit to China--------the J31 represents China's chief competitor for arms markets share against the U.S." F-35".

More deeply than that, the production and sale of such a fighter to those who can afford it and do not like the US, such as Iran, would deeply like to get their hand on such an aircraft. As previously noted, South Korea is under contract to supply advanced trainers to the Phillipines.

A quoted article says: " experts predict that the J-31 will make rapid inroads into the International market" soon.

No mention was made of the three version of the F-35 (Naval, Air Force, and VTOL, the latter for our Marines as also being 'selected for imitatation' by the PLAAF.

Cold War two seems well in progress, as if we did not learn and twice nearly destroy ourselves fighting same. The piece I viewed on TV, not meant to address a military matter was somewhat prophtetically named "Death by China".

The list of China's miscreant influences in the West even, can you believe in, down to the "Truffle Market" a French packaging company was chosen to can these Asian Truffles, which are reportedly not prorperly ripened or harvested, and the cans are marked "packaged in France" and in much smaller letter "Produit de le Chine".
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