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Western arts

PostPosted: Sat Feb 01, 2003 6:47 am
by Karateka

PostPosted: Mon Mar 17, 2003 5:22 pm

We are so used to seeing the "Western Arts" pursued that we hardly take note of or notice them as such.

More Common are: Archery, La Savatte, Graeco Roman Wrestling (also Practiced in india) Boxing, Javelin throw, The Epee, THE Foil the Sabre (latter the three form Fencing).

I would like to see Shield and sword praticeds.

Hatchet and knofe throwing is practiced at my Sportman's Club along with the Archery, Primitve firearms Pistolery, shotgun and hipowr and lover power rifle.

So there is plenty to be learned, especially if you can take to any of these the "focus" learned in your eastern Martial Arts studies.

Jousting is practiced to some extent, as, of course are all the practices you posted.


PostPosted: Fri May 30, 2003 5:21 am
by I. Woolley
sword an dsheild is practiced along with polearms longs swords two handed swords, period rapier, sword and dagger. Many people practice thes arts and many booksa re availble on the subjects