Blasting Blaster Blasted.

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Blasting Blaster Blasted.

Postby Deep Sea » Sat Aug 23, 2003 10:13 am

Blasting Blaster Blasted.

Hey, hey! I was notified I was infected with blaster while visiting Van Canna's forum a few hours ago.

Neither Norton nor Symantic could fix Blaster, but it did manage to hose my RPC.

The fix was a piece of cake and so far the system seems stable.

Problem is that it will be back, and if one reads the dark clouds headlines it will be back for a 9-11 celebration as the following link suggests:

~~~ Net virus set for 9/11 blitz ~~~

And the following provides thunder. Will the noise be accompanied by lightning? Will it paralyze the US Military? Can they head it off at the pass, Kimosabe?

~~~ Global hunt to kill off internet virus ~~~

You be the judge!!!
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