The Room with the Third Computer

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The Room with the Third Computer

Postby Deep Sea » Sun Aug 24, 2003 1:07 pm

The Room with the Third Computer

The following items listed can help you in your Uechi-ryu online connectivity.

Well, I now have three PCs plus supporting peripherals who are looking for a loving home. The oldest item is hovering at about a year old or less, unused for the past two months

If anyone is interested in taking loving care of these wonderful machines they are welcome to contact me. Here’s who are looking for new homes:

Item #1. Shuttle. A small, fast, and reliable PC equipped with a 2.4G Pentiun, ½ gig RAM, fast SCSI drive, DVD reader, built in audio, video, eithernet, four USB2.0 ports on the back and two on the front, two Firewire ports, one on the back and one on the front, audio ports on both the front and back, two com ports. They can be seen at

Item #2. External DVD writer, USB2.0,

Item #3. 120 Gig WD fast EIDE hard drive with 8 meg buffer.

Item #4. 17" Samsung SyncMaster 770 TFT LCD monitor

Item #5. HP 4051 heavy-duty laser printer. The toner for this one [seems like it] lasts forever, at least it lasts for many printouts, far exceeding any of today’s color printers.

Item #6. Microtek 4900 Flatbed scanner.

The following are duplicate CDs I purchased. You get the original CDs and can legally register the software into your name if you wish:

Item #7. Windows XP Professional Upgrade

Item #8. Visual Net

Item #9. NT 4.0 operating system.

I no longer need the above equipment and wish to offer these to my Uechi and karate cyber friends first before I explore other avenues. And they will go because I am not refusing any offer that I consider reasonable. Good prices for anyone who needs and/or wants and wants to stretch his buck as far as possible for the best he can get. All the stuff above is fairly new and works well.

Those who know me know I’m selling-off extra stuff from karate books to hockey gear to expensive bicycles to cameras to a ping-pong table to lighten my load as I purposefully return to a simple and relatively spartan way of life in preparation for an important and desirous career move.
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