One Prepackaged unNeat Little Time Capsule

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One Prepackaged unNeat Little Time Capsule

Postby Deep Sea » Wed Sep 03, 2003 8:27 am

One Prepackaged unNeat Little Time Capsule
Are we having fun yet?

For the past 3 weeks or so I have been writing an application to process and re-categorize over 10 million [and still counting] unique lines of email I have received over a period of time.

This task is being accomplished on a computer completely isolated from the internet. Thoughts now are maybe putting some sort of electromagnetic shielding to prevent cross coupling between the internet pc and the development one to prevent these things from jumping in mid-air from one box to another.

ALL data put on the development box is exhaustively pre-scanned by Norton’s latest anti-viral software prior to it's acceptance by the computer.

Today, while working on the application, Norton popped up and tells me there a virus has activated itself in this box.

"Yeah. Right! and pop on you too."

First thoughts were "How could this insidious perturbation usurp my well-fortified and astutely guarded isolated computer? Well, after returning from having a good cry for myself, the prevailing thoughts then became one that sometimes these things hide to avoid detection then when a certain date arrives, release themselves into the RAM-osphere [PCs memory] plus continue to look on additional means to raise death and destruction to hard drives but not before looking for ways and means to attach itself to the emailer and auto-generate and spam-out itself to hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of unsuspecting computers using false names, funky subject lines, etc.

By now, the salty torrents have run dry and the residuals of evaporation remain in thick whit flakes as I have somehow managed to dispair-ingly extricate myself from the deaths of the muck of the deep dark lair of despair to momentary regain composure, long enough at least, to write and inform of hidden secret dangers of time-released scourges of modern-day times.

And the program is hung at 10.3 million lines. Well, there goes the momentary as the shirtsleeves get rolled-up again. Hmmm… Wonder if an "unsigned long long" will do the trick. . .
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