A Squirt from a Water-cooled PC

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A Squirt from a Water-cooled PC

Postby Deep Sea » Wed Sep 10, 2003 1:50 pm

As I was shutting down the computers moments ago, I noticed the water line on the translucent water tank of the water cooler on one of then was just above the water level itself. Prudence Mandates!!! Only take a few seconds to fill it, and voila I'd be on my way...

Noticed a little "crap" floating in the water. Probably because last time I filled the reservoir it was from the faucet rather than by using filtered water. Empty tank and fill with filtered water. Will flush and add anti-freeze later. Anti-freeze is good to transfer heat as well.

The Tip:

After you throw away your CPU fan and get a water cooler [A highly recommended upgrade for a number of reasons] there will be maintenance.

There are several types of water coolers and I wholeheartedly recommend an Aquarius II for a starter set because it is easy to install and keep an eye on it’s operation. They are inexpensive as well as much, much better than fans.

Have an AMD? The loudness of the quietude you will enjoy is awesome [Youngest son has a water-cooled AMD]
Have a Pentium? Even tho they are not as noisy as an AMD the lack of the constant decibel whine is pleasant and most enjoyable.

As soon as I hit the return button I’m outta here and sorry for the delay. [Interested party take note].
Always with an even keel.
-- Allen
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