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Postby gmattson » Mon Mar 29, 2004 1:35 pm

Got home late last night from a fantastic trip to Chicago. Checking my email... lots of nice messages pertaining to my April Newsletter. Woops, there's one from someone who sent an attachment-type letter, with a heading that didn't raise any flags of concern.

As soon as I clicked the attachment, I knew it was a virus. My Professional version of Zone Alarm didn't catch it, nor did my Avast virus software.

So I clicked the Zone Alarm and "shut off" my internet connection. Took all of two minutes to take this action.

Not quick enough though. An infected email went out to quite a few subscribers to my newsletter. So sorry folks...

I ran the Zone Alarm and nothing. Ran Avast and within a minute a siren sounded, and a loud voice proclaimed "Your computer has a virus!" I deleted it and one other that was hiding in my computer.

For the record, my monthly newsletters do not contain attachments So don't open any that supposedly come from me. On those rare occasions when I send attachments, I describe the contents (photos or documents) in the body of the letter, in sufficient detail so you know the attachment is not a virus.
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