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Techno trouble

Postby gjkhoury » Sat Oct 24, 1998 12:38 am

Hi Anthony!

I know this may sound crazy, but for the last month or so - whenever I try to access the Uechi Web - The "guts" of the home page come up and then in the bottom left hand corner of my browser, the message "Starting Java" appears with the value 37%. Every time, same thing: Starting Java, 37%.

From that point forward, whether or not the rest of the page loads is basically a "crap shoot" (and I've never been a very good gambler!).

Something like 6 times out of ten, my browser just crashes and I have to ctrl, alt, delete out of it and start again. Some days, I simply give up.

Is it me, or do others strike out repeatedly as well?

Any thoughts/suggestions are appreciated!


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