IE vs Netscape

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IE vs Netscape

Postby moulton » Sat Nov 14, 1998 2:48 pm

Hello Anthony.

I have noticed you sporadically cussing Netscape. These mighty Browsers of today use leapfrog technology, and now Internet Explorer is way out in front. Maybe next month it will be Mosaic again.

For all practical purposes in software, Microsoft definitely rules the world and is getting better at it.

I started changing to IE when I couldn't load sensei Mattson's page nor my own pages any more while I was doing frames. I have grown tired of holding back on using technology and am now adding features that only IE understands, such as the hover buttons. I will try to implement exploding buttons this weekend on my homepage, again most likely only IE browsers will be able to pick up on it. Technology moves soooo fast there is just no end to keeping up with it.

And IE is free and easy to get. EVERYONE should just download it to their machine and be happy (no more mysterious lockups either).

Just can't wait 'till NT 5.0 hits the streets; another wave to ride; Oh joy!


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IE vs Netscape

Postby moulton » Sat Nov 14, 1998 11:18 pm


If you like opera better than software you'd better take two asprins and call the doctor.

IE vs Netscape

Postby Lori » Sun Nov 15, 1998 3:04 am

Hey! I MUCH prefer opera to software! So sue me! But I think Tony means the Opera software - check out the link...
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