PCs are a-changing

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PCs are a-changing

Postby s f b » Wed Nov 13, 2002 10:21 am

Again, Gene, if your running Pentiums, power consumption is relatively low, even with other stuff. If you are running out of connectors, try getting some "Y" plugs. Each one will gice you two.

If you want BIG, I'm getting rid of a nice server case on wheels with a super quiet big EnerMax ps and a full tower with a husky ps in it as well.

I'm rapidly shrinking my computer empire to prepare to move in the spring. I'd like to go to Alaska for awhile and will do so under the right conditions if the offer is made next year. A little early planning in lightening my load, even if I don't use U-Haul dogsleds is already paying off in dividends.

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PCs are a-changing

Postby Valkenar » Wed Nov 13, 2002 4:56 pm

Speaking of fans, my present computer overheats quite badly. I'm using the crappy fan that came as part of a motherboard/cpu/fan combo, but even with an additional case fan, and a collection of 6 or so 486-sized CPU fans distributed around the inside, it just isn't enough.

So during the summer I took out the power supply, and made a wind tunnel between my air conditioner and the resulting opening. Since it got cold I replaced the air conditioner with a window fan, and a longer wind tunnel. The whole setup works pretty well. It overheats to 132 degrees and shuts down, the air conditioner brought it down to 84 at times, and the window fan gets it down to 116 or so without even being in the window.

For reference, the computer is homemade with K7S5A motherboard, AMD Athlon XP 1800+ and a low-end GeForce4 (which does have a a fan).
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PCs are a-changing

Postby Gene DeMambro » Wed Nov 13, 2002 11:58 pm


Where can I find a Shuttle cooler? No luck poking on the internet.

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