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Computer Virus Alert

Postby Jackie Olsen » Mon Dec 02, 2002 5:43 pm

United States (Country threat level - 3): A new and fast-spreading computer virus was released onto the Internet on 28 November 2002. The virus spreads through e-mail, usually with the subject heading "Re: AVAR" and will contain an attachment in the format of :Win<several characters>.Txt (12.6 KB) Music_1.htm Win<several characters>.Gif (120 Bytes) Music_2.ceoWin<several characters>.pif. This virus is particularly destructive. It disables and deletes non-updated versions of Antivirus software, copies e-mail addresses from any text sources found on the computer, including *.txt files, *.doc files, databases and *.pdf files. The virus then attempts to launch a denial of service attack on several antivirus companies, using any open Internet connections. As a final step in the process, the virus launches a window that displays the message "Make a fool of oneself, What a foolish thing you have done!" Users who encounter this message should not click "ok," but should immediately unplug any network lines or phone cords from the machine and should not under any circumstances shut down or restart the machine. This will embed the virus into the machine, and make it nearly impossible to remove without a full system format and reinstallation. Virus information and removal tools are provided at: ... nevar.html or, but the virus tools will not remove it once the computer has been restarted. Please note that these are external sites and are not affiliated with Air Security. Air Security is not responsible for content of external links.
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Postby s f b » Sat Dec 07, 2002 1:41 am

Hello Jackie.

Sorry I didn't reply sooner but things are busy, hectic actually, for me in the workplace.

It is good to keep tabs of the latest news of and near-future projections of virus, worms, trojan horses, etc. 2003 promises to be a real winner year for more and more virulent strains. PCWorld, among other websites does keep one informed. Here's a link I read earlier this past week. Go to it and you can branch-out from there.,aid,107682,00.asp

Now... it's time for me to crash!
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