How Vulgar!

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How Vulgar!

Postby benzocaine » Sun Mar 05, 2006 12:28 pm

A prim and proper young lady was forced to ride a bus.

Behind her sat two greek imagrants. She ended up hearing their not so quiet and private conversation. It went like this......

"First ah Emmah comes.....Then ah I comes .....then ah 2 asses come..then I ah comes again ...then then ah two asses come again.... then ah I comes again...then then ah Pee 2 times..... and then I comes one final time."

Out raged, the woman stands up, and says to the imagrants "we do not speak of such things in a public place in the USA!".

Perplexed the man who was speaking said... "you mean I cannot tell ah mah freind how to spell mississippi????"
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