Crystal's Creative Postpartum Recoverey Kit

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Crystal's Creative Postpartum Recoverey Kit

Postby Crystal.Sands.McKinney/Be » Sun Feb 10, 2008 5:28 am

Crystal's Creative Postpartum Recoverey Kit
(this is great for a baby shower or welcome home gift)

Benedryl & Pamprin with a $2.00 bill for Cabbage and instructions tied to it

Breast Pads

Fennel Seed Tea

Stretchmark Cream

All Over Firming Lotion

Daily Devotionals

A copy of "Kids say the darnedest things"

Aromatherapy candles, bath soaks, shower gel for calming or relaxation

Soothing music

Eye mask

Soft squishy pillow with a soft comfy blanket throw

Heat patches for sore body aches

Hemorrhoid cream

Manicure and Pedicure set with aromatherapy foot soaks and Pumice stone

Coupons for baby stuff and for parents

Cool stuff to give for the Dad so he doesn't feel left out

Reading material

*bonus* A day spa pass for both parents - is a marvelous experience for anyone ;o)

If anyone has any questions of what some of this is for you can always ask but may be sorry after I tell you especially if you are a guy and have no children, lol
Take care and have a great day!!!!!!
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