1.8m of peaches and cream with ringworm.

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1.8m of peaches and cream with ringworm.

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A Homeopath usually tries to sum up the complete person, as much as possible, as soon as possible. For this reason I immediately noticed her athletic gait, power and muscles, blue eyes, sparkling teeth, perfect honey-skin, natural blonde hair, strong vital force and general friendliness. However, tears filled her eyes as she showed me her ringworm and spoke about the dozens of tubes of ointment which had not helped at all.

Ringworm, of course takes a hold when the body is weakened by something, and cannot fight it off. Now the question was, how to find which remedy to use, and how to get her really talking. I asked if she liked chocolates, and took out the box of mixed chocolate bars and logs. Chocolates work well in these situations, and while we were having a conspiratorial guzzle, she told me about her changing emotional state. She said that whenever she found herself alone she would burst into tears, which was quite the opposite of how she normally was. To add to the problem, she felt absolutely nothing for her family and friends who she was normally very close to. Hating to be alone but not liking her people just reduced her to more tears.

There was the answer. Since to the Homeopath, the emotional symptoms are the most important, generally, I knew I had to treat that at once, so gave her some Homeopathic Sepia 30C (Cuttlefish ink). Ten days later she sent me two bars of Lindt chocolate and a note saying the rigworm was gone and she was again her very affectionate self.
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